Something for the Weekend? Three Post-Punk

This weeks features three of my post-punk picks from the past few weeks.

Scary Black – Shadow Dwellers

Shadow Dwellers is the debut album from Scary Black, an artist who has impressed me greatly this year. Mixing goth together with coldwave this is an excellent post-punk album and tracks like Not Tonite and The Crushing Weight are excellent examples of the genre. A must listen.

Shadow Dwellers is available digitally from Secret Sin Records Ltd.


Dehet Sinn – Mora

Mora is the debut album from Polish band Dehet Sinn. Musically it is guitar dominated although some coldwave elements are thrown in. It’s not dark or brooding musically sounding rather expansive. The words may suggest something completely different of course. Tracks like Show, Cień and the early New Order sounding Pytanie are my picks of a very impressive bunch.

Mora is available on CD and for digital formats, it’s available on a pay what you want basis. Get it from here.


Italia 90 – An Episode

The wonderfully named Italia 90 are back with a track previewing their forthcoming Italia 90 III EP. Sounding like The Ruts, The Fall and for some strange reason they also remind me of Serious Drinking An Episode is a catchy, shouty pointed track with a political undercoat. Crank this one up!


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