Post Punk Tuesday

Molchat Doma – Zvezdy

Molchat Doma hail from Minsk, Belarus. Last years Etazhi album was one of the best post-punk releases of 2018 or indeed any other of the past five years. New track Zvezdy continues in pretty much the same vein. If it ain’t broke? Keyboards/Synths clash with bass-lines and frantic vocals. Quite a lot post-punk is aimed at the dancefloors these days and Zvezdyis no exception. See ya down there!


Spheres – Spheres

The self titled EP from Berlin’s Spheres is their debut release. The very good songs here range from the dance floor orientated coldwave tracks such as Your Kiss whilst others such as Leere Orte and Raslom feature influences from Joy Division and early New Order. It’s moody stuff and on their bandcamp page someone describes it as cold and dark. Strangely enough I get a certain warmth from this very impressive debut.


Fossil Arms – Petals

Sounding like a remixed version of early Cure songs Petals is one of the best post-punk tracks I have listened to in the past week and boy have I listened to a lot! Synths, guitars and melancholy lyrics all come together as one over the course of the songs six and a half minutes. I have not heard this lot before but will be giving last year’s releases a listen!


Soreness – Nothing/Saturation

The debut release from Portuguese band Soreness features two tracks that err on the darker side of post-punk. Both songs sound bleak and, given the miserabilism contained in the words, that comes as no surprise. It’s hard not to compare the music itself to that of Joy Division (not the first band this week where I have made that comparison – it must be my age!) but the vocals give the songs some distinction. I quite like this and it would be good to see (hear!) how the band develop on their next release.

Unca Mau – My Fire Went Out

Personally I think Saint Petersburg based Katia Kozina aka Unca Mau went off the boil somewhat with her last single Stop The Game. Thankfully things sound back on track with the new single My Fire Went Out which is a synth-pop effort that errs on the darker, gloomy side of things. The bass guitar towards the finish gives the song a tingling moment as it ends.


Ektoplazma – Ektoplazma EP

Back in the day a number of post punk artists used or were influenced by reggae in their music (Scritti Politti, Liquid Liquid, ESG, Pil etc) and it was only when listening to this EP by Polish band Ektoplazma that I realised I haven’t heard any reggae influenced post-punk bands on Bandcamp. Well until now that is. It’s an entertaining EP as reggae is fused with alt-rock with Nienaturalnie and the excellent Trzymaj Dystans standing out for me. That latter even sounds like The Specials in parts. Not bad at all.

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