Post Punk Tuesday

Human Program – Moons At The Gate

Minimal synths crossed with some Peter Hook style bass riffs opens this EP in the shape of V1. Sounding like long lost outtakes from the mixing desk of Martin Hannett it’s hard to shake the sound of Joy Division’s producer, and said band, from this EP. But that’s no bad thing and I really enjoyed this one. Sadly the cassette on Wasted Tapes has long sold out but you can still get Moons At The Gate digitally from the label.

Silicon Heartbeat – Silicon Heartbeat

Four very short and experimental songs on this lo-fi release but they still manage to make an impression. Crossing punk and early 1980s synths each of these songs fuzz (buzz) around your ears. The extremely catchy I’m An Intellectual sounds it’s a long lost recording from decades ago. Well worth 4.5 minutes of your time.

Black Plastic – Halcyon

Black Plastic aka Kevin Grady describe their music as dance music for vampires. Halcyon errs on the darker and dancier side of synth pop. The synths are haunting and the spoken vocals give it a somewhat spooky feel but the track doesn’t take itself too seriously. If they ever updated the film scores for a vintage black and white horror then Halcyon should be on the soundtrack. For now it’s available digitally from Cleopatra Records.


Dark Gray Houses – Echoes

Echoes is the first track for a while from Seattle’s wonderfully named Dark Gray Houses. The song is just as good as the band name as swirling synths and guitars conjoin. The electronics just out muscle the strings whilst the strong vocal performance brings it all together. Solid stuff.


Ploho & Molchat Doma – Молчат дома По краю острова

I am not sure what these two bands (one from Russia and one from Belarus) individually bring to the party on this one. I have mentioned Molchat Doma before but Ploho are new to me. Anyway who cares as this is a pretty effective track and does everything you would want to take in from a post-punk track. Including a quick jump around. Oh, just me then!

Ploho – Facebook
Molchat Doma – Facebook

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