No Exits – A Post-Punk Round Up

Here are some tunes that may or may not make the next post-punk podcast.

ELM – Death Of The North

Swedish EBM veteran Peter Elm releases a new album on Belgian label Alfa Matrix next month. Titled Extreme Unspoken Tension it features 13 tracks with another disc of remixes. Death Of The North sounds like a tribute to early Nitzer Ebb and is a full on intensive, driving and rhythmical track. I used to love this stuff back in my younger days. Let your body learn!

You can pre-order Extreme Unspoken Tension from here.


Coffin Moth – Night Of The Witch

Gothic rock from North Carolina complete with some excellent retro artwork. Errs on the side of the likes of The Mission and Fields of the Nephilim which some dramatic vocals thrown in for good measure. An enjoyable romp through a well thumbed genre but sounding fresh with it too.


Suffering For Kisses – Invictus

I really enjoy the dark synth pop produced by Tony D’Oporto aka Suffering For Kisses. Invictus is a slow moody track with haunting vocals and shadowy words. If Gregorian monks chanted darkwave they could well sound like this.


Monotonous Cities – Grey

Mexican band Monotonous Cities manage to combine coldwave with the early Cure on Grey. It’s nicely done and is also a taster for a forthcoming album.


No Exits – Shapes

No Exits are another band whose music I have been enjoying of late. Their music ranges from darkwave to electronica but they don’t pigeon hole themselves.

Shapes is an expansive synth-pop song being somewhat poppier than their previous efforts to date. Some my say that one Shapes they sound like a certain band out of Basildon but that should be taken as compliment. A catchy tune!


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