Post-Punk Tuesday

Rounding up some more post-punk inspired tunes.

Beryllium – Beryllium

Not sure if these are unfinished tracks, demos or works in progress but on this debut release there are four very short wave synth-pop/coldwave inspired post-punk tracks. The synths hook you in and the vocals give the songs (excerpts?) an extra dimension but they are oh so short. I really hope there is more to come from this act as this EP bodes well for the future.

Figure Section – Spectre

Belgium has a long association with all things coldwave/post-punk and Brussels based Figure Section is a new addition to that list. Their synth-based music fuses stripped back dark beats and goth-tinged vocals with a modern electronic sound. There are even some new beat influences on Slick. Gloomy but will light up any post-punk dancefloor.

Spectre is out now on Berlin’s aufnahme + wiedergabe.


Belfast// – Before Anything

The debut EP from Belfast// has been out for a couple of months now but I only discovered it recently. It’s a polished EP full of driving guitars and atmospheric keyboards whilst the vocals are dominant. The post-punk revival has all been done before of course but such music never fails to entertain forty years on from “Unknown Pleasures” although the music made by Belfast// leans towards the likes of Interpol or The Editors rather than Joy Division. A striking debut.


Actors – Slaves (FM Attack Remix)

Slaves was one of the highlights on last years It Will Come To You debut long-player from Vancouver based Actors. It now gets a remix courtesy of FM Attack who primes it for the dance floors with a shiny new synth-wave coat. I find synth-wave/retro wave or whatever you want to call it a tad boring but this is all rather good.


Scary Black – Starlightdancer

Hot on the heels of his debut album Scary Black delivers another track on the darker fringes of synth-pop. It’s a mix of haunting vocals riding alongside 1980s influenced keyboard sounds. Tagged as Nightmare Pop you had better believe it.


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