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Records I Like – Best of 2017

And so here we go. The top 10 tracks of 2017. Well for me at least.

10. Port Sulphur – Orient Express


09. Youthmemory – City


08. OMD – Punishment of Luxury (Extended Version)


07. Factice Factory – Extinguisher


06. UK Cinema – English Girls


05. we. the pigs – Too Young


04. Major Leagues – It Was Always You


03. Closure – Would She Love Me


02. SLEEPiES – Barf Haus




01. Say Sue For Me – Good For Some Reason


And here is a fully comprehensive playlist of the Records I Like Top 50 tracks of 2017 counting down from 50 to 1. Tracks 50-11 are not in any order of preference. Enjoy!


Click on image to open playlist…


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