Records I Like – Best of 2017

And so here we go. The top 10 tracks of 2017. Well for me at least. 10. Port Sulphur – Orient Express   09. Youthmemory – City   08. OMD – Punishment of Luxury (Extended Version)   07. Factice Factory – Extinguisher   06. UK Cinema – English Girls   05. we. the pigs – Too Young   04. Major Leagues – It Was Always You   03. Closure – Would She Love Me   02. SLEEPiES – Barf Haus   …drumroll…..   01. Say Sue For Me – Good For Some Reason   And here is a fully comprehensive … Continue reading Records I Like – Best of 2017

Closure/Strangeways – Split

Closure’s Journey EP is one of the releases of the year for me. Their post-punk/indie pop hybrid sound shows no sign of abating on their contribution Warehouse. Jangling guitars and morose vocals. What’s not too love? Flipside Strange Ways by Strangeways, who have been around for a while, is just as good. It’s slower paced and whilst there is something familiar about it I just cannot place it. Like the songs lyrics it does indeed get under the skin as well as in your head. A cracking release. It’s available on CDR from O Pamela or digitally from Let’s Kiss … Continue reading Closure/Strangeways – Split

Closure – Journey EP

This EP has been one of my most loved discoveries of the past couple of months. It’s certainly one of the best debut releases I have heard for a while – well since Strange Passage last year.  Indie pop with a heavy post punk influence and some fantastic vocals to boot combine to make this a fantastic EP. Check out the jangletastic Would She Love Me and Slow Drive and try to deny you have heard better this year (and if you have tell me!). Essential listening……. Available on CDR from O Pamela or digitally from Let’s Kiss A Secret … Continue reading Closure – Journey EP