Bedroom Eyes – Trondheim Harbor

Back 10-12 years ago Sweden was a hotbed of guitar based indiepop drawing it’s inspiration from the 1980’s UK indie era. One of the bands who stood out for me was Bedroom Eyes especially their 2006 EP Embrace In Stereo and it’s standout track Motorcycle Daydream.

Things move on and I lost track of the band presuming they joined the large number of short lived bands who rode that particular crest on a wave. The other day I was just delving into the net when I came across the brand new single from the one and the same. Taken from last year’s Greetings From Northern Sweden album (yep I missed that too) Trondheim Harbor is a gorgeous indiepop song that invokes the sound of an early Black or Aztec Camera.

The single is out via Startracks but, aside from streaming, it is a bit hard to determine if it is available in any other formats. It is available on the album which you can order in a range of formats from here or via the label website.

The full album is not available for streaming on Bandcamp but is available via Spotify.


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