Various Artists – F.A.R. Out

Having been involved in putting out a number of releases over the past decade I know how stressful getting the finished article can be. That’s why I sympathise with Estella at Fadeawayradiate Records when she writes that, whilst putting the label’s third compilation together, “was like extracting a tooth from a whale”! Mind you sending the whale to the marine dentist was worthy sacrifice as this is a very good compilation indeed. The theme of the compilation, titled F.A.R. OUT, is that of a late 1960s sunshine pop theme and unlike the label’s two previous compilations which consisted of cover … Continue reading Various Artists – F.A.R. Out

Various Artists – Alternative Melodies 8

This may be the eighth volume in the alternative melodies series collated by A Lonely Ghost Burning but it’s the first one I have stumbled upon. With the aim of “introducing new listeners to the underexposed and immensely talented artists” it features the likes of Fanclub and Soumbalgwang both of which have been featured on these pages before. But what about the rest? The trouble with compilations there are always going to be tracks which don’t agree with you. There are others such as Sua’s Love, which is a pleasant enough listen here, but isn’t ever going to find a … Continue reading Various Artists – Alternative Melodies 8

Guitar Days – An Unlikely Story of Brazilian Music

There are some interesting compilations turning up on Bandcamp of late. Guitar Days – An Unlikely Story of Brazilian Music is the soundtrack to the documentary of the same name which tells the story, coinciding with Brazil’s transition to democracy, that a new wave of bands emerged who looked to the US, UK and Australia for inspiration and who chose to sing in English rather than Portuguese. Aside from The Pin Ups and The Cigarettes these bands are new to me. I enjoyed the racket made by Garage Fuzz and New Ground by Valv. Musically most of it’s not my … Continue reading Guitar Days – An Unlikely Story of Brazilian Music

Various Artists – YLLWSPCL: Bandung Pop Darlings The Mixtapes

A solid compilation featuring and reflecting on bands over the years (1995-2015) from Bandung, Indonesia. It’s amazing how many of these bands look towards to the UK for inspiration and some of these tracks cover Britpop, C86 and Madchester. The compilers apologise for the lack of “high fidelity” in some of these recordings but that’s not a negative for me as these contributions are a snapshot in time as demonstrated on the likes of Old and Grey by Peewee and Sadford Lads Club crossing JAMC and the Wall Of Sound on Dan (Sheila on 7). It’s not all guitar based … Continue reading Various Artists – YLLWSPCL: Bandung Pop Darlings The Mixtapes

Various Artists – New Wave Of Hype

Indonesian label Dismantled have put together a compilation featuring five bands on their roster covering songs by The Wake. The first three songs are taken from The Wake’s output on Sarah Records whilst the final two tracks are taken from releases on Scan 45 and Factory Records. They are pretty good efforts. Les Mains Immaculees cover of Carbrain works really well as does The Sensitives’ gruff cover On Our Honeymoon. New Wave Of Hype is available digitally from Dismantled on a pay what you want basis or on extremely limited CDR from Heaven Punks. The Wake’s music can be purchased … Continue reading Various Artists – New Wave Of Hype

Support Women In Punk

Support Women In Punk is a new compilation series which promises “a new compilation every 11th day of each month, 11 tracks, 11 bands, 11 female voices.” The tracks seem to be compiled from releases over the past year or so and could well be a worthy “modern” successor to the epic A Reference Of Female-Fronted Punk Rock compilation. It started in February of this year and whilst we await volume four here are my pick of the first three compilations, all of which are available for free or on a pay what you want basis. Get them from here. … Continue reading Support Women In Punk

Now That’s What I Call Compilations…..

Today’s round up features compilations that may, or may not, grab your ears and attention….. Goodbye Idiots II A compilation put together to celebrate Mexican label Stupid Decisions second birthday. It features some excellent indiepop tunes from the likes of Marble Gods, Andrew Younker and Orchid Mantis amongst others. However it’s the new to me Perrogato and their track Fiesta Alienígena which is the pick of the bunch of those currently available for steaming. Pre-order it from here. Facebook Come On Feel The NoiZe, Vol. 2 – Americas´Attack The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records follow up last years Brazilian compilation … Continue reading Now That’s What I Call Compilations…..

Compilation Week – TBTCI Dives Into Asian Sounds

The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records (TBTCI) specialises in producing compilation tribute album whether to an artist, label or even part of the world. This latest compilation is a roundup of the Asian Scene and includes both covers as well as new or recent original recordings. Musically the album contains indiepop, shoegaze and dreampop. Standout tracks come from Indonesian noise pop outfit See The Eye, Chinese Shoegazers Dear Eloise and Jaapn’s Fluffytails with a gorgeous cover of Lemon’s Chair’s SWallowtail. However Indonesian post-punk outfit Pullo win it for me Round The Bed complete with Ian Curtis style vocals. It’s a … Continue reading Compilation Week – TBTCI Dives Into Asian Sounds