Our Secret World: Quarantine Session 2020

Indonesian label Shiny Happy Records have just released a mammoth 78 track compilation entitled Our Secret World: Quarantine Session 2020. Due to the size I am not even going to attempt to review it so the label’s press release follows. Suffice to say it features many bands championed on these pages.

Our Secret World is an indiepop gig in Jakarta, Indonesia, created by Shiny Happy Recs and Jack Music &Friends. Our Secret World 1 was held on August, 2019, the line up: The Lousy Pop Group, The Sensitive, The Silent Love, Annemarie, Atsea and Leach Me Lemonade. On December 28th, Our Secret world 2 was held with more bands in the line up. Shiny Happy and Jack Music were planning to organise Our Secret World 3 in 2020 but then this pandemic suddenly attacked us so quickly that we need to cancel the gig. We felt so upset about it. Eko from shiny happy recs came up with an idea to keep the gig going but it’s going to be a virtual gig. This gig happens every Saturday at 9PM(Jakarta Time). The first Our Secret World: Quarantine session was on May 2nd with the 1st 2 bands in the line up: Apple Orchard and Lost Tape. We then invited more and more bands to participate in this gig. During May- December, there were 79 bands played Our Secret World Quarantine Session. We are so grateful, in this difficult situation we still be able to watch great performances from the bands we like from all over the world. This compilation is to show our appreciation to the bands who have participated. There are 78 songs appears in the comp which are taken from the gig, we don’t mix or master them so it sounds very original. And finally, we would like to say thank you to all the bands for being part of the gig and thank you for watching the gig every Saturday. We hope you enjoy the compilation!

Our Secret World: Quarantine Session 2020 is available from the label on a pay what you want basis.

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