Records I Like Best of 2020 Part Two

The second part of Records I Like Best of 2020. To be honest I have listened to so much stuff this year that a third volume is more than likely so the words I had prepared for this volume will most probably appear when that’s published. As ever enjoy the mix.

Full tracklisting:

Nah… Perfect Game (Taken from the single Perfect Game)
The Shop Window – Mannequin Lies (Taken from the single Mannequin Lies)
Vacance – Bord De Mer (Taken from the album Nos Futurs)
Pale Lights – You And I (Taken from the single You and I)
Theatre Royal – A Marvellous Death (Taken from the album Portraits)
Jeanines – Been In The Dark (Taken from the Things Change EP)
Vamping – Holyoke (Taken from the single Vamping)
Marcos y Molduras – Un Nuevo Año (Taken from the mini album Te Espero en Casa)
Fine. – Whisper To The World (Taken from the Lying Alone EP)
Ghost Transmission – Get Me High (make Me Lose My Will) (Taken from the single Get Me High)
Typical Girls – Girl Like You (Taken from the Typical Girls EP)
Smokescreens – I Love Only You (Taken from the album A Strange Dream)
Martes Niebla – Reykjavík (Taken from the single Reykjavík)
Tara – Oceans (Taken from the single Oceans)
Plastic Estate – This Place (Taken from the single This Place)
The National Honor Society – First Among The Last (Taken from the album To All The Glory We Never Had)
Dummy – Avant-Garde Gas Station (Taken from the Dummy EP)
Lost Tapes – The Attraction of the Opposites (Taken from The Attraction of the Opposites EP)
The Lousy Pop Group – Days (Taken from the single Days)
Northern Portrait – At Attention (Taken from the At Attention)
Violet Hours – Alone with Everyone (Taken from the Music For Gloves Pretty Oliva Records EP)
Fascinations Grand Chorus – Wherever You Go (Taken from the single Wherever You Go)
Morning Arcade – Cold Shoulders (Taken from the single Cold Shoulders)
The Francine Odysseys – Hide Your Eyes (Taken from the What If We Were Wrong EP)
La Naissance – Night Doves (Taken from the single Night Doves)
Romero – Honey (Taken from the single Honey)

Part One
Part Three

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