Records I Like Best of 2020 Part Two

The second part of Records I Like Best of 2020. To be honest I have listened to so much stuff this year that a third volume is more than likely so the words I had prepared for this volume will most probably appear when that’s published. As ever enjoy the mix.

Full tracklisting:

Nah… Perfect Game (Taken from the single Perfect Game)
The Shop Window – Mannequin Lies (Taken from the single Mannequin Lies)
Vacance – Bord De Mer (Taken from the album Nos Futurs)
Pale Lights – You And I (Taken from the single You and I)
Theatre Royal – A Marvellous Death (Taken from the album Portraits)
Jeanines – Been In The Dark (Taken from the Things Change EP)
Vamping – Holyoke (Taken from the single Vamping)
Marcos y Molduras – Un Nuevo Año (Taken from the mini album Te Espero en Casa)
Fine. – Whisper To The World (Taken from the Lying Alone EP)
Ghost Transmission – Get Me High (make Me Lose My Will) (Taken from the single Get Me High)
Typical Girls – Girl Like You (Taken from the Typical Girls EP)
Smokescreens – I Love Only You (Taken from the album A Strange Dream)
Martes Niebla – Reykjavík (Taken from the single Reykjavík)
Tara – Oceans (Taken from the single Oceans)
Plastic Estate – This Place (Taken from the single This Place)
The National Honor Society – First Among The Last (Taken from the album To All The Glory We Never Had)
Dummy – Avant-Garde Gas Station (Taken from the Dummy EP)
Lost Tapes – The Attraction of the Opposites (Taken from The Attraction of the Opposites EP)
The Lousy Pop Group – Days (Taken from the single Days)
Northern Portrait – At Attention (Taken from the At Attention)
Violet Hours – Alone with Everyone (Taken from the Music For Gloves Pretty Oliva Records EP)
Fascinations Grand Chorus – Wherever You Go (Taken from the single Wherever You Go)
Morning Arcade – Cold Shoulders (Taken from the single Cold Shoulders)
The Francine Odysseys – Hide Your Eyes (Taken from the What If We Were Wrong EP)
La Naissance – Night Doves (Taken from the single Night Doves)
Romero – Honey (Taken from the single Honey)

Part One
Part Three

7 thoughts on “Records I Like Best of 2020 Part Two

  1. thanks for listing this song “The National Honor Society – First Among The Last (Taken from the album To All The Glory We Never Had)” so so so nice!!! Last year i discovered Proctors thanks to your “best” playlist. One question, i follow you spotify list. Are all the songs the sames all the year or are some of them coming out as new ones are coming in?

  2. Hi Vini,

    No worries and yes it’s a great song and album.

    There will be no more updates from me on Spotify. In fact, I have closed all my accounts in protest at their appalling stream rate. If they cannot pay artists a decent payment then they are not getting a penny from me. Sorry!

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