Records I Like Best of 2020 Part One

So it’s that time of year again where I start assessing what I have listened to this year. This first mix is pretty diverse and reflects that working from home since mid-February has had an impact on my listening habits expanding far outside of this blog’s self-imposed remit.

For starters, the ear crunching mix of heavy metal and electronica from Kenyan band Duma is definitely one of the year’s highlights whilst tracks like Multiplex, with Angles (Spark Mix) and the Whalt Thisney track Todono were released years ago but I heard them both for the first time after they turned up on two excellent electronica compilations. There are tracks here inspired by Kraftwerk and the sad passing of Florian Schneider. Titan by Technikai Átállás and Electromagnetic Fields by Kosmonaute are fitting tributes.

Post-punk funksters A Certain Ratio have had a great year with their first album in ages as well as turning their hand to remixing duties with Maps and Number being beneficiaries. They also teamed up with Graham Massey and they feature on a track or two here. The mix also contains the edited version of Epitome Zero’s blissful ambient track Lightforms. The original is far too long to include here and that’s precisely the recent I have not included Richie Hawtin’s recent techno delight that is Time Warps. Mind you the ASC track rolls in at almost 10 minutes!

For those missing the usual dose of jangle, indiepop, shoegaze and dreampop that this blog regularly features plenty will be covered in part two after Christmas. However, dream pop, shoegaze and indiepop are well represented too by the likes of Asimov, Happy Spendy, Dummy and Lightning Bug. Tuck in and enjoy!

Full Tracklisting:

Hey Elbow – Nurture/Aptitude (From the single Nurture/Aptitude)
Duma – Lionsblood (From the album Duma)
Dummy – Mediocre Garden (From the Dummy 2 EP)
Cindy – Mary (From the album I’m Cindy)
Multiplex – Angles (Spark Mix) (Taken from the compilation Still In My Arms: Compiled by Bayu and Moopie)
Happy Spendy – Wrap Me Up (Taken from the album You’re Doing Okay)
Малыш Камю – Луна (From the EP Луна)
Technikai Átállás – Titan (Taken from the compilation We Are Machine Pop 6 – in Memory of Florian Schneider)
Number – Wedge (ACR Rework) (Taken from the single Number)
808 DOT POP – Incandescent (Platinum) (Taken from the Incandescent (Platinum) EP)
Asimov – Obelisco (Taken from the single Obelisco)
Kosmonaute – Electromagnetic Fields (Taken from the album Electromagnetic Fields)
Defender Waves – Shoulders Of Helen (Taken from the The Caroline Phase EP)
Sapphire & Steel – Susan (Taken from the Assignment 1 EP)
A Certain Ratio – Berlin (Short) (Taken from the single Berlin)
ASC – Escape Velocity (Taken from the album Pattern Recognition: First Sequence)
Maps – Both Sides (Stephen Morris Mix) (Taken from the album Colours. Remixed. Time. Loss)
Tricky – Doorway (No More Mix) (Taken from the Doorway EP)
Lightning Bug – The Lonely Ones (Taken from the sngle The (L​)​onely Ones)
Epitome Zero – Lightforms 2.0 (Taken from the Shortforms EP)
Whalt Thisney – Todono (taken from the compilation Bedroom Cassette Masters 1980​-​89 Volume 11)
Happy Spendy – Fresh Air (Taken from the album You’re Doing Okay)

Part Two
Part Three

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