Martes Niebla – Reykjavík

Blimey. You do not normally get a single this good released at this time of year but that’s just what Seville’s Martes Niebla have done with Reykjavík. It’s the follow up to 2018’s debut EP as well as being the first single to be lifted from the debut album which should the light of day next year via the Barcelona based label El Genio Equivocado. Band members are drawn from other acts such as Terry vs. Tori and Pious Schools to name just a couple. The song itself is hazy and dreamy with lovely synths and female vocals, creating an effect of being placed in an isolation tank. It’s backed with a very good remix by fellow Spaniards Uniforms who have added some depth highlighting the vocals and guitars. Whilst it’s not as hazy it is just as effective.

Reykjavík can be purchased digitally via the band or label.


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