Cover Me…..

Weathering release their new single Chimera next month. Whilst it is not yet available for streaming the flip side, which is a cover of Depeche Mode’s Blue Dress is. I am not that familiar with the original but, after playing them both back to back, the cover wins for me. The guitars and the voice of Elinor Carbone, which replace the gloomy synths and Martin Gore’s vocals, turn the song in a haunting and ethereal moment.

Chimera will be released on September 24th 2020 via Sunday Drive Records on limited 7″ lathe vinyl and digital formats. Pre-order it from here.


Rotterdam’s Resplandor new single is a cover of the indiepop dancefloor staple Sensitive which was originally written and performed by Sarah Record stalwarts The Field Mice. The fuzzy guitars are enhanced by Resplandor’s brand of noise pop and shoegaze whilst the female vocals gives the song a new dimension. It’s backed with Until She Comes a song which sounds like the Creation Records roster mixed together in a blender – and that’s just the noisy guitars! Most good.

Sensitive/Until She Comes is available digitally on a pay what you want basis from the band.


Post-punk legends Joy Division are unsurprisingly one of the most covered artists on Bandcamp and most versions are dire, to say the least. There are some exceptions notably the work of Choir Division. We can now add Montreal producer Kevin Jamey aka Groj to that list with his excellent take on Transmission. Jamey works a blend of electronica through the song whilst the synths pulsate with the vocal snippets drawing in the listener like a fish to the bait.

Transmission is out now digitally via Microcastle.


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