A Midweek Quintuple

London based Damnably Records recently released a free compilation to celebrate their 14th birthday. The label, which is home to the likes of Otoboke Beaver, Say Sue Me, Grrrl Gang and Drinking Boys and Girls Choir to name a few, have been heavily active this year on social media despite/because of the pandemic. They actually had a marathon streaming session back in October to celebrate … Continue reading A Midweek Quintuple

Cover Me…..

Weathering release their new single Chimera next month. Whilst it is not yet available for streaming the flip side, which is a cover of Depeche Mode’s Blue Dress is. I am not that familiar with the original but, after playing them both back to back, the cover wins for me. The guitars and the voice of Elinor Carbone, which replace the gloomy synths and Martin … Continue reading Cover Me…..

Weathering/Ease Split

Weathering follow up last November’s debut single I Come Down with an appearance on this new split release with fellow Sunday Drive Records labelmates Ease which should not be that much as a surprise as both bands share members with Anxious Arms who are also on the label roster. Their contribution to the single Changing Colors is an exerting shoegaze affair with Elinor Carbone’s lovely … Continue reading Weathering/Ease Split