Post-Weekend Pack of Three – Indiepop

Caleb Carr aka Australian based English Summer has just released a new track. It’s a demo recording titled I Dream. The lyrics were written last year whilst the music was put together recently. The raw sound reminds of the early 1980s when post-punk was giving way to the early indiepop sound. The guitars certainly have a Red Guitars chime. Shimmering stuff.


Roadside Cherries come from the Garden of England, Kent and consist of Bags Mcarthy, Cosmic Pieterson, Stanley Accrington and Fletch Brunswick (hmmm). I saw this EP the other month then it disappeared but it’s now back. The EP comprises of three indiepop/twee songs with their roots firmly entrenched in the 1980s. The band also remind me of an English Just Joans due to the quirkiness of the songs and the vocal style which ranges from storytelling to deadpan. The extremely catchy Escher Painting is my pick of the bunch here.

The ever-prolific The Reds, Pinks & Purples have released two singles these past few weeks being Pictures Of The World and New Light respectively. As per usual, the songs are some of the strongest indiepop tracks you are likely to hear on Bandcamp with Glenn Donaldson’s voice and words standing out. Tell Me What’s Real from the former is one of the best songs I think Donaldson has written and performed to date.

It looks the project has run out of buildings to use as covers and has moved onto flowers now! You can get both singles from here. Blink and you may miss them as has been the case with previous releases.

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