A Monday Trio

Three very different acts for today’s Trio……

Suffering For Kisses – Innocence

It’s Christmas so this dose of post-punk miserablism is just the tonic. Tony D’Oporto words and deadpan vocals work well against the harmonic synths whilst the guitars add another atmospheric layer. On the “flip” we get a remix of September’s Ashes single courtesy of Assemblage 23 who add some deeper, dancefloor orientated beats into the mix.


Paranoias – Napalm Springs

I have not featured much punk if any, this year but the debut EP from Australians Paranoias is a welcome exception. Snarling but tuneful high pitched female vocals collide with riff packed guitars and pounding drums. There are various (and justified) targets to their anger and tracks like In The Bin and Medium Rare could well sum up the mood of 2020 in one.

Blue Arcade – Hello Yellow

I was pushed in this one’s direction by the FadeAwayRadiate blog who compared the song to a Power Corruption and Lies era New Order. They got that one spot on. Sadly they also the got the ending spot on too which spoils the post-punk meets indiepop delights that came before. Audacity is still free yeah?

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