The Royal Landscaping Society – Profit and Loss

The Royal Landscaping Society return with a track about the haves and have nots inspired by the words of George Monbiot and the drawings of Toby Morris. The poppy synths belies the political words whilst I am not sure if I should dance or get bloody angry.

The track is available digitally or it can also be found on Vinly i Parken ’21 – VKU002 Extended Play 7″ vinyl single together with Swedish bands Butter Utter and Fantasy Postcards. I am not sure which label is putting the single out but you can find an email address on the band’s Bandcamp Page in order to get a copy.


One thought on “The Royal Landscaping Society – Profit and Loss

  1. The Royal Landscaping Society track Profit and Loss is released by Vinylkultur Rekords as part of the split EP Vinyl i Parken ‘21 that celebrates our yearly live vinyl record event in a park in Uppsala

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