September Round Up #1

I returned home after a week away to a bursting at the seams bandcamp inbox on top of those songs/band I have yet to write about or give a mention too. Here is the first of a number of posts trying to rectify that!

Foundlings – Horizons

Another fine slice of 1990’s tinged melodic guitar pop from London’s Foundlings. It’s their finest moment yet!


The Angel Makers – Sam and Sara

I mentioned the lead track from this EP back in June and I am glad to hear that this EP carries on in pretty much the same vein. The bands previous shoegaze influenced sound is now beginning to fade being replaced by a more melancholic and sometimes psychedelic feel as evidenced by the haunting guitars and mournful vocals.


Hyperdream – Abstention

Mexico’s Hyperdream slow it right down on their latest track Abstention. Gloomy percussion, miserabilist lyrics, deadpan vocals and a droning sound over it’s eight and a bit minutes make this a winner in my book. The best song The Rose of Avalanche never made.


Ultra Material – Rhodamine

Fantastic poppy shoegaze from down under courtesy of Brisbane’s Ultra Material. Just give it a play! Since I bookmarked this single an album entitled Cosmic Anti Stuff has been released. I will give that a listen and get back to you!


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