September Round Up #2

Рыцарь Диких Яблок – Дворец

Not sure I am trusting google translate here but the band and recording translate as Palace by Knight of Wild Apples. What I do know is that this is a very fine indiepop EP indeed. Forget the fact this Saint Peterburg based band sing in their native Russian (and why not) and let the music and harmonies do the translating for you. Class.

Grab it for free/pay what you want from here.


Ping Pong Club – Sklylight

Talking about classy indiepop here is another fine effort from Bandung’s Ping Pong Club that just shines and soars. Band member Muhammad Rizky turns to remix duties on the flip side giving us an electro/synth pop version of the track which works surprisingly well.


Flirting – Peppermint

Peppermint is taken from the forthcoming EP This Would Be Funny If It Were Happening To Anyone But Me by Londoners Flirting. Not constraining itself to any particular genre or style and the song is a fine trip through guitars, boy/girl vocals and plenty of noise. I really like the way they use their vocals on this one which gives yet another dimension to the song. I think the word is erm banging!


Various – Reverse Play: C86 re​(​dis​)​covered

Dutch based blog Fadeawayradiate compile a selection of covers dedicated to a theme based on C86. Only one song here was on the C86 tape and most of the songs covered here were originally recorded a year or two after it’s release. There are a few covers of Sarah Records acts amongst covers of McCarthy, The Pastels and The Primitives to name but a few. Highlight for me is the Fisherman and His Soul covering The Wedding Presents’ Dalliance.

My one gripe is that this selection of songs gives rise to the myth that C86 was all about indiepop/twee. How about a second volume covering the noisier bands from the Ron Jonson label and the likes of The Age of Chance? Still an enjoyable listen despite Ed Ling making Velocity Girl sound like the theme from Candlewick Green!


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