The Angel Makers – Deliquesce/Crystallize

Colchester’s The Angel Makers have moved into ambient territory on their new single which they describe as an “isolation mini mix tape for your quarantine dreams”. Opener Deliquesce sounds like an ambient remix of Slowdive’s Souvlaki Space Station with atmospheric sounds that encompasses the listener. Crystallize adds more textures and tones but the result is the same, as the track gives an affect of drifting through the clouds. Lovely and calming. Facebook Continue reading The Angel Makers – Deliquesce/Crystallize

The Angel Makers – Little Deaths

Little Deaths is one of two EPs released this month by Colchester’s The Angel Makers who have also recently expanded their line up. We were treated to a taster track in the shape of Too Late last month which whetted the appetite. Previously I described the band’s music as shoegaze, psychedelic and melancholic. On this EP those first two descriptions have long gone being replaced by programming which gives the first three tracks here a mechanical, robotic feel. The songs also sound devoid of any emotion despite the voice of Shauna Kelly. If that’s the effect they were aiming for … Continue reading The Angel Makers – Little Deaths

September Round Up #1

I returned home after a week away to a bursting at the seams bandcamp inbox on top of those songs/band I have yet to write about or give a mention too. Here is the first of a number of posts trying to rectify that! Foundlings – Horizons Another fine slice of 1990’s tinged melodic guitar pop from London’s Foundlings. It’s their finest moment yet! Facebook The Angel Makers – Sam and Sara I mentioned the lead track from this EP back in June and I am glad to hear that this EP carries on in pretty much the same vein. … Continue reading September Round Up #1

The Angel Makers – Kill The World

Kill The World by Essex based dreampoppers The Angel Makers is taken from a forthcoming but yet unnamed EP. It’s the follow up to the Blue EP that was released back in March which I can wholeheartedly recommend. Kill The World is a melodic but saddening track thanks to the mournful lyrics and sometimes gloomy vocals. Mind you the title should be a clue eh? Get it for nowt from here. And listen to the Blue EP too. Facebook Continue reading The Angel Makers – Kill The World