The Angel Makers – Little Deaths

Little Deaths is one of two EPs released this month by Colchester’s The Angel Makers who have also recently expanded their line up. We were treated to a taster track in the shape of Too Late last month which whetted the appetite.

Previously I described the band’s music as shoegaze, psychedelic and melancholic. On this EP those first two descriptions have long gone being replaced by programming which gives the first three tracks here a mechanical, robotic feel. The songs also sound devoid of any emotion despite the voice of Shauna Kelly. If that’s the effect they were aiming for then they have nailed it with a capital N!

The aforementioned Too Late picks up the pace whilst closing track Something Simple demonstrates the band at their finest as it finally comes together with the song remaining in the listeners consciousness thanks to the haunting music, vocals and outro. It may take me a few listens to appreciate the entire EP but for now, those last two tracks are a given.

Little Deaths is available on a pay what you want basis from here.


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