Pia Fraus – Hidden Parks

Estonian dreampop band Pia Fraus have released a new single in the shape of Hidden Parks which is taken from the forthcoming new album. It’s a blissful track with some nice arrangements which fits in well with the falling autumn leaves outside my window.

Like the previous single Sweet Sunday Snow it’s bundled with a number of remixes which may or may not enhance the track depending on your persuasion. I can easily live without the Wolfredt and Vanishing Twin remixes which do very little for me.

That said things pick up up with the Erko Niit remix which adds dreamy beats which emphasize the delightful vocals of the original. However, if you find yourself with 15 minutes to spare, put the headphones on and chill out to the even dreamier Picnic remix which adds ambient and dub into the equation. It reminds me of Andrew Weatherall and The Irresistible Force remixes in my collection. It’s a great piece of work and makes me wonder if I would ever listen to the original in the same way again!

Hidden Parks is available digitally from the band or via their label Seksound Records.


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