Waves From Signals – Delusional Machines EP

If you listened too or read the accompanying post for Records I Like Best of 2020 Part One you may have gathered that I fell in love again with music inspired by Kraftwerk, and electronica in general, in 2020. And that continues with this EP from Barcelona based Waves From Signals who write that they are “a collective of audio & visual artists fused by powerful frequencies and digital art”.

Opening track Emotional Dependency does not disappoint and you can hear the influences from the opening bars/keys and I hear more than one echo from The Robots.

However on the other two tracks here they take those influences and develop them further. Frequency Of Light which features Sarafan is a poppier affair thanks to the vocals whilst Waves From Signals – 909 Reasons takes the sound of the Man Machines and moulds them for the dancefloor or chill out room depending on your persuasion. No remix needed!

It’s an enjoyable listen, more so when being mesmerised by the videos and the Delusional Machines EP is available for just one Euro from their Bandcamp page.


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