The Memory Fades – She Loves The Birds EP

The Memory Fades is the new project from Stephen Maughan (Bulldozer Crash/Kosmonaut). On the She Loves The Birds EP Maughan is joined over various songs by Marc Elston (Bulldozer Crash/Franklin’s Kite/The Liberty Ship), Graeme Elston (Eva Luna/Astronaut/Love Parade), Jyoti Mishra (White Town) and Chris Morgan (The Deddingtons). So the pedigree is there. What about the music?

Yeah, that ain’t bad either! There are lot of late 1960s psychedelic influences throughout the first two tracks, the title track and Picture Of You. The former could be a starting point for a new summer of love! Those influences fade on Am I Losing You that draws inspiration from 1980s indie with a bit of drone thrown in too. They save the best to last on Mining For Diamonds which is the sound of Spacemen Three if they read Smash Hits instead of taking drugs! It’s a pretty glorious end and I could listen to the almost orchestral sounds over and over again. Maughan has plenty of ideas. Sadly they did not turn into fruition with Kosmonaut so let’s hope he gets the success he deserves with this EP.

The She Loves The Birds EP is available on CD and digital formats from the newly relaunched Sunday Records or, for those in the EU/UK, then direct from the band.


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