The Memory Fades – Space Pilot EP

The Memory Fades set the bar pretty high on their debut She Loves The Birds EP which was released earlier this year so the Space Pilot EP has a tough act to follow. Once again Stephen Maughan (Bulldozer Crash/Kosmonaut) is joined by a group of friends and flip me, they manage to pull it off once more.

The opening and title track is a fuzzy pop number and contains the best end rhyming lyrics in indiepop circles (sky – high, been – seen) since The Mighty Lemon Drops. Talking of lyrics honey and candy feature in Listening to the Marychain as the tempo gets slowed down as Maughan sings of being dressed in black whilst California is not the place to be whilst Estella Rose (Nah…) provides backing vocals.

The Mary Chain influence continues on Run Away which has a bit of “side walking” about its person whilst Pete Bowers (Rosehips/Horowitz) provides bass. Final track Big Pop Stars is a semi-acoustic song as Maughan sings about his first band (“another bunch of wannabes”) and how much they meant to him. They obviously left their mark as the song fades out, in and back out again. Nowt wrong in reminiscing when it sounds this good. Thoroughly recommended.

The Space Pilot EP is out on September 30th in CD and digital formats. You can pre-order it from here.

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