Records I Like Mix October 2019

Another collection of tracks released in the past month or so featuring the usual mix of indiepop, janglepop, shoegaze and with some power pop, noisepop and just some noise thrown in. Enjoy!

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Full Tracklisting:

Atta Girl – September
It’s September that grabs my attention with it’s mix of indiepop and shoegaze as it jangles it’s way through the maze of melodic guitars heading for it’s soulful conclusion.

The Claim – Just Too Far
The new single from the Medway scene veterans.

Tourist Activities – Crystal River
Originally released at the start of the year this track features on the newly compiled Alternative Melodies 8 compilation.

Capitol – In Ceremony
The current single taken from the forthcoming debut album Dream Noise. Check out all the 1980’s song references.

Frankie Cosmos – Even Though I Knew
Taken from the current album Close It Quietly.

The Sensitive – On Our Honeymoon
Taken from the EP of Wake covers out now on Dismantled.

Well Whale – She’s a Punk
She’s a Punk is the debut single from Indonesian band Well Whale. Jangly and twee and no punk chords in sight. A fun indie-pop tune.

Linda Guilala – Salga Bien
It’s the moody flipside Salga Bien that gets my vote reminding me of a gloomy Joy Division inspired Stereolab!

Wake In June feat Reason Light – Space Cadet
Space Cadet is a dreamy, jangling pop song with the addition of synths, whistling and echoing background vocals demonstrating how good DIY bedroom pop can be.

Crush Material – Pre-Tequila Salty
….they excel on the shorter tracks especially the self titled opener, the angry Bitter and the extremely catchy Pre-Tequila Salty.

A Certain Smile – Cherry Bomb
If you want vintage sounding, C86 inspired indiepop then A Certain Smile will be right up your street.

Vivian Girls – Memory
The title track of the new album out now on Polyvinyl.

Spunsugar – Native Tongue
It’s a short and fuzzy pop song which sounds both fresh and enraged thanks to the distortion and melodious vocals.

Radioactivity – Erased
Erased on the other hand is frantic, fast paced pop music that draws influences from garage rock and punk and is everything I expect, and want, power pop to be.

Blushing – Secrets
Bonus track taken from the Japan only version of the recent self titled debut album.

Say Sue Me – George & Janice
George & Janice is another one of those 1960s surf/rock and roll inspired tracks the band seem to be producing of late (and producing it so well!)

Charm – Second Chance
Taking their cue from the late 1970s and early 1980s new wave scene these two tracks bring joy to my retro heart. Second Chance is particularity strong and I keep thinking Blondie for some reason.

Últim Cavall – Tornar A Casa
…….it’s one of the strongest songs I have heard in a while as it flirts with indiepop and dreampop.

Lazy Legs – Peanut Butter
The vocals sound haunting over crestfallen guitars which then crash, bang, wallop before they blast you away with a crescendo of noise!

Lost Ships – All of the Pieces
The title track of the EP out now on Subjangle.

The Cherry Wave – Rotter
The current single from these Scottish shoegazers. Nice video too.

Candybomber – Spare The Dirty Look
…….is a jangling guitar effort being full of energy and a catchy hook or five.

The Flatmates – Shut Up and Kiss Me
Shut Up and Kiss Me​is the sound of a band doing what they do best. Thriving guitars, melodic keyboards and singer Lisa Bouvier’s attention grabbing vocals making this a song hard to miss.

The Memory Fades – Space Pilot
The opening and title track is a fuzzy pop number and contains the best end rhyming lyrics in indiepop circles (sky – high, been – seen) since The Mighty Lemon Drops.

Sleepwalk – Swivel
The Sleepwalk track is pretty good however featuring layers of noise, dynamic guitars and vocals that hang back, not daring to take the plunge to come forward.

Las Densas – Noche
Taken from the Not EP and now gets another airing on the forthcoming Para Siempre II compilation via Stupid Decisions.

Alborotador Gomasio – Los Bosques
Los Bosques, is the complete opposite being a fast paced noise pop effort that could (and possibly should!) have you bouncing around at will.

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