Catching Up…. Stupid Decisions

Mexican label Stupid Decisions celebrate their third anniversary later this year and are releasing three compilations to celebrate the occasion.

Various Artists – Para Siempre II

This is the second volume in the Para Siempre series. There are not many tracks available for streaming at present but the compilation features the likes of Wake In June, Aiden Bland and Las Densas with their brilliant track from earlier this year, Noche. This compilation features bands that focus on energy and distortion. It will be available digitally in early November.

Various Artists – Goodbye Idiots III

III is the latest volume in their Goodbye Idiots series. It’s out in November and of the four tracks currently available for streaming it’s Are You OK? by the new to me Wasuremono that tickles my fancy. This volume showcases some of the wide ranging music that the label has been releasing these past few years.

Various Artists – Interferencia

The third compilation Interferencia covers all things lo-fi/bedroom pop and will be out in December. Again not many tracks are available for streaming at present and despite generally not being my bag Pantalla by cocolisa666 is a lovely little tune.

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