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Mons Regalis – Lo Que Pasó

Lo Que Pasó is the second single from Mexican band Mons Regalis whose music has been previously described as dreampop/shoegaze. Personally I cannot hear any of that but what I do hear is an alternative/indie song that has some fine guitar riffs, catchy vocals, a bit of distortion and some noise. That sounds like a … Continue reading

Catching Up…. Stupid Decisions

Mexican label Stupid Decisions celebrate their third anniversary later this year and are releasing three compilations to celebrate the occasion. Various Artists – Para Siempre II This is the second volume in the Para Siempre series. There are not many tracks available for streaming at present but the compilation features the likes of Wake In … Continue reading

Mitimitis – Abrilar

I first discovered Chilean band Mitimitis via the Goodbye Idiots II compilation that was put out on Stupid Decisions at the end of last year. After a couple of compilation appearances they released the Abrilar EP via Gemelo Parásito Records at the beginning of last month and it features four feeling lo-fi indiepop tracks. The … Continue reading

Pelopincho – Zona Surf

Pelopincho are an indiepop band hailing from Valentín Alsina, Argentina. Their brand of indiepop consists of short punk-pop songs and based on the imagery I can see where the inspirations come from. If Google translate is working properly (they sing in their native Spanish) the songs in the main are about having fun, hanging out … Continue reading

La Casa De Emma – Refugio Invernal EP

Well after being struck down with an ear infection since the weekend the first thing I have listened to all week is the new EP from Chilean band La Casa De Emma and it’s their first release proper following from the demos released earlier this year. Four of the five songs here don’t top the … Continue reading

Now That’s What I Call Compilations…..

Today’s round up features compilations that may, or may not, grab your ears and attention….. Goodbye Idiots II A compilation put together to celebrate Mexican label Stupid Decisions second birthday. It features some excellent indiepop tunes from the likes of Marble Gods, Andrew Younker and Orchid Mantis amongst others. However it’s the new to me … Continue reading

Something For The Weekend? – Shoegaze Compilations

And the pack of three is back! Not sure anyone missed it but hey. This weeks pack of three features three shoegazing complications two of which are recently released whilst one came out earlier this year. Dreaming in Sound by Shoegazer Sanctuary Records First up is Dreaming in Sound from Shoegazer Sanctuary Records and label which, unsurprisingly … Continue reading

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