Something For The Weekend? – Shoegaze Compilations

And the pack of three is back! Not sure anyone missed it but hey. This weeks pack of three features three shoegazing complications two of which are recently released whilst one came out earlier this year.

Dreaming in Sound by Shoegazer Sanctuary Records

First up is Dreaming in Sound from Shoegazer Sanctuary Records and label which, unsurprisingly given it’s name, has released a number of shoegazing compilations before. There is plenty here to discover and I enjoyed the contributions from Wintermilk and Blushing. There are even shoegazing covers of The Byrds and New Order so dive in. Get it from here on a pay what you want basis and check out their previous compilations too.

Alternative F̷acts: A Shoegaze Resistance Compilation by DKFM Shoegaze

Shoegaze with a cause! DKFM Shoegaze states that it’s a “compilation of shoegaze and dream pop artists in opposition to tyranny, and in support of civil liberties and women’s health”. It that offends you then move but you will be missing one of the compilations of the year with some outstanding contributions from Lightfoils, Lazy Legs, Fawns of Love amongst countless others.

Purchase it from here with all proceeds being split between the American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood.

You’re Still in a Dream by Stupid Decisions

The final compilation has been compiled by Mexican label Stupid Decisions. Most of the bands here are new to me although I was aware of the likes of The Breaks, Seven Tin Stars, Lazy Legs (again!) and Sleepwalk . Highlights for me include Everso and their brilliant single Silence/Disarm and Dreams Wash Ashore with Vanishing Memories.

You’re Still in a Dream is available on a pay what you want basis from here.

The trouble with compilations like this is that you need to delve into the archives of the bands that catch your ear and who knows where that will leave/get you. Better than a kick in the nuts I suppose! Have a great weekend.

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