Mitimitis – Abrilar

I first discovered Chilean band Mitimitis via the Goodbye Idiots II compilation that was put out on Stupid Decisions at the end of last year. After a couple of compilation appearances they released the Abrilar EP via Gemelo Parásito Records at the beginning of last month and it features four feeling lo-fi indiepop tracks. The EP opens with the instrumental and wittily named Pijamas Harvey before heading on to the twee/c86 inspired Ella Flotó Sobre Mi Y Voló Un Auto Con Su Rayo Laser. 7up is a laid back affair as is the tuneful and melodic Esteban Maravilla with it’s clever noises and harmonious vocals. A lovely EP.

Additionally you can get two more tracks by the band on the recently released Lo​-​fi es Mentira vol​.​4: ¿Y dónde están las cucarachas? compilation also on Gemelo Parásito Records. Dare I say that Caracoqueous is bloody marvellous!  EDIT! Caracoqueous is taken from the Monos En La Costa EP which was released recently on Stupid Decisions but does stem from last year. Phew…. Have fun discovering them like I did!


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