Various Artists – YLLWSPCL: Bandung Pop Darlings The Mixtapes

A solid compilation featuring and reflecting on bands over the years (1995-2015) from Bandung, Indonesia. It’s amazing how many of these bands look towards to the UK for inspiration and some of these tracks cover Britpop, C86 and Madchester.

The compilers apologise for the lack of “high fidelity” in some of these recordings but that’s not a negative for me as these contributions are a snapshot in time as demonstrated on the likes of Old and Grey by Peewee and Sadford Lads Club crossing JAMC and the Wall Of Sound on Dan (Sheila on 7).

It’s not all guitar based pop. We also get some electronica in the shape of Erotic Shimmer by Abadkatrowave whilst the Under My Pillow’s swinging Unfinished Fairytale is a worthy closer for any compilation. Bandung seems (is!) to be a thriving place for music as these previous posts testify. Whilst you read those grab this excellent compilation on a pay what you want basis from Yellowroom.

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