Something For The Weekend? Three Power Pop Bands

This weeks pack of three feature three bands tagged as “Power Pop” on Bandcamp.

Charm – No Gasoline/Second Chance

Ontario’s Charm specialise in producing music that has it’s heart slam dunked into the power pop sounds of yesteryear. Taking their cue from the late 1970s and early 1980s new wave scene these two tracks bring joy to my retro heart. Second Chance is particularity strong and I keep thinking Blondie for some reason. Enjoyable stuff!

Radioactivity – Erased

Many of the tracks tagged as power pop I have been listening too recently have been slow burners going nowhere or shuffling along to a disappointing end. Erased on the other hand is frantic, fast paced pop music that draws influences from garage rock and punk and is everything I expect, and want, power pop to be.

Erased is available on 7″ vinyl and digital formats from Italian label Wild Honey Records.

Crush Material – Crush Material

The debut release (not sure if it’s an EP or a mini-album) from Oakland’s Crush Material is full of tuneful punk-pop/pop tunes about unrequited love or is that erm, crush material? If I have a criticism it’s just that some of the songs are just a bit too long but they excel on the shorter tracks especially the self titled opener, the angry Bitter and the extremely catchy Pre-Tequila Salty. Worth a listen!


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