Various Artists – Alternative Melodies 8

This may be the eighth volume in the alternative melodies series collated by A Lonely Ghost Burning but it’s the first one I have stumbled upon. With the aim of “introducing new listeners to the underexposed and immensely talented artists” it features the likes of Fanclub and Soumbalgwang both of which have been featured on these pages before.

But what about the rest? The trouble with compilations there are always going to be tracks which don’t agree with you. There are others such as Sua’s Love, which is a pleasant enough listen here, but isn’t ever going to find a permanent home with me. I did venture further with Goodgirl based on their contribution Crime enjoying the Poor Habits EP it was lifted from.

The highlight of the compilation for me was the sparkling indiepop found on Crystal River by Washington’s Tourist Activities. There have been some cracking tunes this year and this track is going on that list pronto whilst I give their back catalogue a listen!

In finishing this compilation has served it’s purpose in helping me discover two new bands. Give it a spin yourself and who knows you may discover something new too. Alternative Melodies 8 is available on a pay what you want basis from here.


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