The First Sampler of 2022

The first sampler playlist of the year rounds up some end of 2021 releases, forthcoming albums and compilations along with the odd new single – or two!

Here is the Playlist:

or listen on YouTube

And here are the individual tracks/info:

Nah… – Rainy Days & Wednesdays

After working on other projects during 2021 Estella Rosa and Sebastian Voss aka Nah… came together for a new single that was released before 2021’s end. Rainy Days & Wednesdays is part of a double a-sided “digital” single with The Useless Model being the other track. Both sides are an enjoyable romp through all things twee pop.

The Lucksmiths – Self-Preservation

Taken from the special 20th anniversary vinyl edition of the band’s watershed 2001 album Why That Doesn’t Surprise Me. It’s out tomorrow via Matinee Recordings (US) and Lost And Lonesome (Aus).

Stomp Talk Modstone – I’ll Believe

Another fine track from the Japanese shoegazing act who take elements of Ride and MBV, combining them with the words and voice of Eriko (Plant Cell, Baby Ever Rain) to make a noisy, ethereal mix.

This Cold Night – 90°

A track that encompasses bits and pieces that have been taken from all your favourite 1980s post-punk bands. It’s a bit like a time capsule really, being opened (heard?) by newcomers to this type of sound some forty and a bit years later. A new album should follow later this year.

Fawns Of Love – Girls (Glass Version)

Taken from the forthcoming CDR Unrequited Love Songs which features 6 revised versions of tracks that were first released on their debut album Who Cares About Tomorrow and 7” Falling/Standing in 2017, a remix by Wor_kspace (member of BMX Bandits, Teenage Fanclub) and eight (!) abstract remixes of Silly Boy by Love Is A Ghost. It’s due out on February 4th via Glass Modern.

The Royal Landscaping Society – Goodbye

Taken from the forthcoming compilation Means of Production that compiles six tracks from the band’s 2014 eponymous mini-album on French label Beko Disques, a song from a special Beko Olympics compilation, the auspicious Matinée debut from the Matinée Idols compilation in 2017, and their incredible contribution to Matinée’s World Cup EP in 2018. There are also eight covers. It’s out now on Matinee Recordings.

Hipflasks – Trousers

Hipflasks were an indie band from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. The band were never signed, but in their brief existence recorded a handful of demos on basic equipment. The new compilation A Lovely Scar features some of these tracks which were recorded in 1986. It’s fantastic stuff and can be purchased digitally from here.

Blushing feat. Miki Berenyi – Blame

Taken from the forthcoming album Possessions that is due for release on February 18th 2022 via Kanine Records. Pre-order from here.

Fun With Ether – Lucent

The band write that Lucent is “a taste of what’s to come” and if what follows is as good a track as this then will be feasting like kings!

Robin Guthrie – The Faraway

Guthrie continues his current marvellous run of form with a new EP titled Springtime. The Faraway is another beautiful piece of music that invokes imagery of crisp blue skies and flowers coming into bloom. Order the EP from here.

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