Stomp Talk Modstone – My Birth

Tonight Matthew we are going to be My Bloody Valentine said Stomp Talk Modstone never but, somewhere in an alternative reality, I am pretty sure it must have happened based on the evidence provided via their new single My Birth. Given the band has slowly established their own identity over the course of their excellent singles to date I am not sure there is any need to produce a track that is like for like MBV. Yes, it’s a great track but, at the end of the day, there is nothing new here and not just for me either I … Continue reading Stomp Talk Modstone – My Birth

The Sunday Session

The sun has gone in and it’s p*ssing it down in London Town. Time to get stuck into more tunes resting on top of my digital back pile. Fowl Science hail from Toronto and, judging by the lack of anything else listed, The Flowering Eye is their debut release. The song is a catchy mix of shoegaze, alt-rock and post-punk. The synths give the song an emotive feel as does the repeated chorus of “they’re calling; they’re calling”. The Shop Window follow up their excellent previous single Mannequin Lies with new single Reflection. To be honest it does not grab … Continue reading The Sunday Session