And Hearts – Enjoy the Ride EP

And Hearts are a band from California and consist of Itzel v Quintana (vocals, bass) and Ricardo Sanchez Jr (Guitar, Drum Machine). Plus a meow from Benny! After two singles last year they have just released their debut EP Enjoy the Ride which comprises of four tracks including the two aforementioned singles. The songs here are jangling, indiepop affairs that draw on mainly on the past whether it’s girl bands or C86.

Opening track Baby has some nice fuzzy riffs with Quintana’s vocals having a bit of the Crystals about them. And that’s the EP in a nutshell really as the band tread water. But it’s a sound I like especially when they add telephone calls into the mix on Clumsy Boy. I also like the raw DIY sound the duo produce and it should come as no surprise that these lovely short songs were recorded in a garage.

If you get thrills from listening to the likes of The Jeanines, Black Tambourine or Jetstream Pony etc. then And Hearts will surely win yours. Available on a pay what you want basis from here.


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