The Saturday Sampler

Another day, another sampler. Enjoy!

Here is the Playlist:

or listen on YouTube

And here are the individual tracks/info:

Tvärtom – Paineet

Taken from the self titled compilation album just released by the Finnish indiepoppers. The album features the last recordings made by the band’s original line up and It consists of previously recorded songs and a couple of other ones (there words, not mine!). You can order it from here.

Coming Up Roses – All Our Time

Originally released as a demo last year the song gets a proper and suitably polished release. My original words still stand but I miss some of the raw sounding guitar.

Bridge Dog – Former Life

Sparkling new single from the Australian band Bridge Dog who brought us the fantastic Lemon single earlier this year. Former Life is a fuzzy pop track with some great vocals and jangling riffs. Pop music as it should be.

Castlebeat – We Can Make This Right

Another slice of jangling pop that draws it’s influences from C86, New Order and in some parts, The Cure. We Can Make This Right is out now via Spirit Goth Records.

Auld Spells – Sweet Disease

Sweet Disease is melancholic dreampop courtesy of Edinburgh’s Auld Spells. There are also some 1960s influences alongside the laid back sound and moody, sometimes dreamy, vocals. Whilst it is not instantly accessible as the previous single I Want You Back it is a lovely, slow growing track, none the less.

Bleach Lab – Violet Light

Violet Light is taken from the bands brand new Nothing Feels Real EP. It’s a catchy track with some ethereal moments and manages to recall both The Cranberries and The Sundays at the same time which is down to the gorgeous voice of Jenna Kyle. Nothing Feels Real EP is out now in vinyl and digital formats and is backed with the A Calm Sense Of Surrounding EP from March.

Weedipus – Husky

Husky is the lead single from the forthcoming DemoTape II EP. It’s female fronted fuzzy pop and it does remind me a lot of the sadly missed Tyrannosaurus Dead.

Coach Station Reunion – Wintercoat

Wintercoat is taken from the compilation Cuarzo, Mica Y Feldespato which is a 24 track collection celebrating 10 years of the Barcelona based Discos De Kirlian label. There is a slight twist to the compilation.

The label writes (transalted) “During these 10 years of the label’s life, some songs have fallen by the wayside, others have had virtually no visibility, some have only been released in digital format. This album tries to recover them, give them a new life. Lost songs, demos, discards … of groups that have spent a season at Kirlian’s house.” The album features regular faves including Marcos y Molduras, When Nalda Became Punk, Puzzles y Dragones and many more. There are only (at time of writing) 13 copies of the limited edition CD left but as you would expect, it’s also available digitally.

Phantom Handshakes – Cricket Songs (feat. Lua) (Lua Version)

A remixed version of the song that originally appeared on April’s No More Summer Songs album. In the Italian band Lua’s hands it becomes an ambient pop version packing a fistful of mindfulness. Beautiful.

Robin Guthrie – Eight East

There is only one way we can follow that last track and that’s with another beautiful track, this time courtesy of ex Cocteau Twin Robin Guthrie. Eight East is a stunning piece of evocative ethereal ambient music and can be found on Guthrie’s new EP titled Mockingbird Love. In fact the whole EP is a joy and it can be purchased from here.

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