Tvärtom – Järkytys

Helsinki’s Tvärtom follow up last Septembers self titled EP with another fine slice of jangling and melodic indiepop. Despite the twee sounding guitars the song is about shock and rage but given they sing in their native language it’s hard to imagine that given the nature of the vocals. Järkytys, which was the first song written by the band back in 2018, is available from their bandcamp page on a pay what you want basis. Facebook Continue reading Tvärtom – Järkytys

Tvärtom – Tvärtom

The self titled debut EP from Finland’s Tvärtom features four jangling indiepop songs that sound like they could have been recorded in another era. The guitars chime throughout and the deadpan male vocals are beautifully supplemented by some fine female backing vocals none more so on Kadun Humina. They sound like they have taken the best elements of the various bands on Sarah Records and fused them together. There is something very Field Mice like about Lätäköt which is utterly charming. A very impressive debut. More please ASAP! Continue reading Tvärtom – Tvärtom