Records I Like Mix October 2021

There has been so much good music over the past month or so that I am amazed I managed to whittle October’s mix down to just over two hours! Even as late of yesterday I was discovering and enjoying some new music which had to be included in this mix. As ever, enjoy!

Full Tracklisting:

Strawberry Sleepover – Le Quaintrelle
Lucid Express – Ado
Crystal Meadows – We Can Get Away From Here
Iceblink – Seared
Infinite Siennas – Shiny Shiny
Grazer – Reunion
Castlebeat – We Can Make This Right
Auld Spells – Sweet Disease
Spearmint – She Says She Wants To Save The Pigs
Coming Up Roses – All Our Time
Pash – Honeymoon
Stomp Talk Modstone – Keep On Mind
Turquoise – Tumulte
Humdrum – Wave Goodbye
Lightning Bug – WingsofDesire
Cathedral Bells – I Don’t Care Anymore
Un Dia Soleado – Skate 3
Fjord Mustang – Five Years
Terra Pines – Downbeat
The Royal Landscaping Society – Profit and Loss
Roller Derby – Something True
Bleach Lab – Violet Light
The Sensitive -Anoa Records Is My Shepherd
Wet Leg – Wet Dream
Bridge Dog – Former Life
Film School – Take What You Need
Jilted Jonas – Stay Away From Stockholm
Almost Lovers – Turn Around
Colatura – The Met
Rémi Parson – Les sentiments
Weedipus – Husky
Saint Etienne – Blue Kite (Vince Clarke Remix)
Resplandor – Blue (Robin Guthrie Mix)
The Photocopies – Sha La La La La La La (Sha La La La La La)

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