Auld Spells – I Want You Back

Regular readers of these pages will have picked up my love of 1960’s girl bands, female vocals, and maybe less so where early Motown is concerned. The new single from Edinburgh’s Auld Spells takes influences from all of those as well as adding in a dash of indiepop or two on their new single I Want You Back.

As the 1960’s beats kick it I warm to the vocals of Tommy Danbury which are later joined by the dulcet tones of the (then?) Paris-based Michelle Vidal. The two bounce off each other as the tale of a man who gets caught trying to cheat gets his comeuppance as he is the one who eventually gets cheated on.

It’s a fantastic pop song and whilst Auld Spells are new to my ears I will certainly be investigating their previous work. In the meantime I Want You Back, which is, erm backed with the 1960’s R&B influenced Another Way, is available digitally from here. Fantastic artwork too!


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