Bonus Three Pack – Swirling around The Maypole

It’s freezing in London and with no Beltane fires to keep me warm these tracks from Sweden & Finland (brrrr) will have to that job instead!


Stockholm’s SJÖBLOM is Johan formerly of the Swedish post-punk band The Exploding Boy. Tape is the first single to be taken from the forthcoming album Demons. It’s a fine fusion of indie-pop and Post-punk in its original form yet it’s the remixes here that take the song to another level none more so than on the catchy synth-driven remix by Big City Bright Light VS Principe Valiente. A mouthful but worth it.


Damen – Brightside

Staying in Sweden Brightside is the second single to be taken from the forthcoming EP Unemployment, Broken Bones, Death, Baby by Gothenburg based Damen. It’s a rousing indie track that reminds me of art-rock of Franz Ferdinand in many places. It wouldn’t normally be my thing but it’s a bit infectious if truth be told!


Verandan – Open Sea

Finally, we cross the border into Finland we find the latest track from Verandan, the band formed by ex Cats On Fire frontman Ville Hopponen. Open Sea is a gentle but epic-sounding song that uses an electric piano to great effect. There is some lovely folkish strumming too to accompany the weary words and the scenario that the song sets out.


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