Something For The Weekend? Post-Punk

This week’s pack of three features three excellent post-punk releases which have been on my headphones for a couple of weeks or more!

The Condos – Attachment

The Condos hail from down under, Adelaide in fact and consist of Wynn, Morde, Italo & Mike. The band’s sound is unashamedly post-punk and the blend of guitars and synths, especially the title track and the dance floor intended Even In This, is a good one. Musically it reminds of the releases found on Detriti Records and if I said this one of my favourite EPs so far I would not be lying to ya.

Attachment is out now on vinyl and digital formats via Zanth House .


Minimal Schlager – Voodoo Eyes

Minimal Schlager are a Berlin based band who consist of siblings Fran Parisi & Alicia Macanás. They have been around for a couple of years but this EP is the first I have heard of them and believe me when I say I have plenty of catching up to do. The bands synth based sound is bass driven, some times minimal as the name may suggest or expansive depending on their mood. The vocals go through a range of emotions too none more so on their astonishing cover of Joy Division’s Disorder. I certainly have the spirit on that one.

Voodoo Eyes is out now digitally via Duchess Box Records


Театр Абсурда – Твой дом пуст

Your House is Empty by Theater of the Absurd seems to be the debut track from this Ukrainian act. From the artwork down to the sound they have captured what most people listening would think post-punk is about. No doubt the words are gloomy but the song is not melancholic sounding – well not to these seasoned ears anyway. I look forward to hearing some more from Театр Абсурда, sooner rather than later!

Check out this video set to the track too.

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