Records I Like Mix November 2019

Another collection of tracks released in the past month or so featuring the usual mix of indiepop, janglepop, shoegaze and with some power pop, noisepop and just some noise thrown in. Enjoy!

Full Tracklisting:

The Angel Makers – Too Late
There are some lovely sounds here none more so than Shauna Kelly’s voice…..

DIIV – Blankenship
Taken from the brand new album Deceiver out now on Captured Tracks.

No Vacation – Out of Place
Taken from the EP Phasing out now on Topshelf Records.

Dead Little Penny – Dead Together
Fuzzy inspired indiepop that updates Phil Spector’s Wall Of Sound with curled and wavy guitars in a pretty effective way.

Swimming Pool – Tu Carta
It’s a sensuous EP opening with Tu Carta which is a combination of melodic patterns and flickering guitars.

Well Whale – Pipe Dream
And plenty of la, la, la, la’s too…. A cracking track regardless of how you look (hear?) it!

Comet Gain – Werewolf Jacket
Taken from the album Fireraisers Forever! which is out now on Tapete Records.

Spunsugar – Crumble
Of the two previously unheard tracks it’s Crumble that I lean to most as it flits from grunge and shoegaze being filled with some fine hooks and sampled drum beats.

Últim Cavall – Els llacs
Taken from the album Alaska which is an indiepop/dreampop album you can fully immerse yourself in and just let go

Audiobaton – I’ll Run
Songs such as Here and I’ll Run are excellent and should be on any discerning listeners shoegazing playlist but everything on this EP is worth a listen or five.

Failed Flowers – Faces
The track itself is a vintage sounding indiepop tune with static amongst the girl band influences and jangled guitars.

Newmoon – Raptured
Songs like Raptured, Give me Pain and In and Out and Over are fine examples of what happens when you fuse alt-rock, shoegaze and indie rock together.

Secret Meadow – Of One’s Desire
The current single and their first for two years, from Jakarta’s Secret Meadow.

Grrrl Gang – Dream Grrrl
It’s a rerecorded version of the single they released last year via Kolibri Rekords and if you think the song could not sound better you would be wrong.

Ex-Vöid – Only One
The brand new single from the ex Joanna Gruesomes which is out now on Prefect Records

Poppel – Just In Case
Flitting between jangle pop, noise pop and shoegaze tracks such as Flower, Love, Just In Case and Land are some of the finest songs you will hear this year.

Tvärtom – Lätäköt
The self titled debut EP from Finland’s Tvärtom features four jangling indiepop songs that sound like they could have been recorded in another era.

Stars on Fire – Salty Kiss
Salty Kiss is the first track lifted from the EP which to these ears is a marked improvement from anything on the first EP.

Salt Lake Alley – But You Do, You Do
But You Do, You Do is the first single to be taken from the album and it’s a frantic and catchy indiepop song that bodes well for the rest of the album. Give it a whirl…

Oxy – Don’t you think the air is STUFFY?
The current single which is out now.

Lake Ruth – Extended Leave
The band’s music is inspired by space-pop, Krautrock, noir and baroque pop amongst others.

Seasurfer – Blue Days (Summerhaze Remix)
The current single out now on Reptile Music.

The Belafontes – Big Man
Big Man is a surf pop/rock inspired track complete with fuzzy and distorted guitars.

Soumbalgwang – Gwangan Surf
Like their city mates Say Sue Me, Soumbalgwang like mixing up their music with rock and roll influences and the title of this one gives it away.

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