Something For The Weekend? Three Albums

This weeks pack of three consists of three albums on my shopping list.

Últim Cavall – Alaska

This one has me hooked straight from the off. Literally straight from the opening bars of first track Els llacs which blends seamlessly into Incendi and then into current favourite Tornar A Casa it’s a dreamy journey throughout. It’s a case of not looking back and before you know it you reach the gentle vibes of the closing track Totes Les Flors. Alaska is an indiepop/dreampop album you can fully immerse yourself in and just let go. Divine.

Alaska is available on vinyl and CD from Discos De Kirlian or digitally from the band.


Newmoon – Nothing Hurts Forever

I have come into this album on the basis of the two very strong singles (Let It End and Collide Into Me) that were released earlier year. I find these days, and especially in the digital age, that bands release their strongest tracks as primers for an album that never quite reach the standards they have set.

On Nothing Hurts Forever however Belgian indie/alt-rock band Newmoon not only maintain these levels but eventually surpass them. Casting aside the feedback that adorned earlier releases the band take the melodic approach and songs like Raptured, Give me Pain and In and Out and Over are fine examples of what happens when you fuse alt-rock, shoegaze and indie rock together.

Nothing Hurts Forever is available on vinyl (take a look at the tripled coloured Belgian flag vinyl release!), CD and digital formats. It’s also available in various formats via German label Through Love Records.


Poppel – Make Sense

Another album, another Belgian band. I have refrained from posting about Poppel’s second album Make Sense because the whole internet, well the blogs/sites I read that is, have been banging on about it for yonks and sometimes overkill is not always a good thing. However banging on about this album is exactly what you should because, thanks to the depth of the songs, it’s rather special. Flitting between jangle pop, noise pop and shoegaze tracks such as Flower, Love, Just In Case and Land are some of the finest songs you will hear this year. An exquisite ablbum to say the least.

Make Sense is available on vinyl formats from Meritorio Records and cassette from Gazer Tapes not forgetting the usual digital formats.


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