The Records I Like Mix June 2019

A round up of releases from late, last month, early this and more. Featuring indiepop to dreampop and janglepop to shoegaze with some noise thrown in. Enjoy!

Full Tracklisting:

The Reds, Pinks & Purples – Running Up Dead-End Streets
Taken from the recent Desperate Parties EP.

Kidsmoke – She Takes You Under
If, like me, you thought the previous single Passenger was good you will be delighted by She Takes You Under with its catchy guitars, clever lyrics and striking vocals.

Starry Eyed Cadet – Slow
Slow is a sometimes, jangling, sometimes twee indiepop song which demonstrates the band have not lost their touch in producing the near perfect pop song.

The Slow Summits – Regrets
It’d be hard not to think of 1980s UK indie bands when listening to the EP. Off the top of my head think The Smiths, Orange Juice, The Weather Prophets, The Housemartins, The Loft, and The Wedding Present.

The Glow – Lose
A track that can be found on the current album Am I.

Trauma Ray – wmd
Texan band Trauma Ray deliver two contrasting variations on the shoegazing theme on their latest single. wmd errs on the side of traditional sounding shoegazing until the noise-rock guitars kick in.

Happypills – Glider
Glider can be found on the current album Milk Floe.

Pip Blom – Set Of Stairs
Lifted from the current album Boat.

Ogikubo Station – Would I Break My Heart Enough For You
Taken from the Okinawan Love Songs EP out now on Asian Man Records.

LISASINSON – Barakaldo
The new single out now on Elefant Records.

Layuchi Kvity – Girl Named Silence
There is plenty of variety over the course of it’s 6m 20s especially when it comes to the vocals which at times reminds me of Dean Garcia (Curve, SPC ECO).

Wildhoney – Naive Castle
Moving away from their shoegaze roots their music now, in their label’s words, errs on the sides of “chiming pop that recalls the finest from bands like The Sundays and The Cranberries”. Listening to Naive Castle I get those comments as the guitars glisten and the vocals swoon.

Horsebeach – Dreaming
The first single to be taken from the new album The Unforgiving Current which will be released on CD/LP/Digital on August 23rd 2019.

Magic Wands – Cyan Blue
The current single out now.

Flower Crown – Bender Szn
The stand out track for me from the current Sundries album.

Coming Up Roses – Fall
…….Fall becomes a soaring, dazzling dream-pop song that is all the more impressive thanks to the words and the sometimes innocent sounding voice of singer Emily Sera.

Agent Blå – Colors of the Dark
Goth indiepop? Taken from the current album Morning Thoughts.

The Age of Colored Lizards – Blurry Eyes
The Age of Colored Lizards have, over the past couple of releases, moved further and further away from their shoegazing roots and Blurry Eyes is no exception.

Den Baron – Bonving
The new single out now on Cloudberry Records.

The Muldoons – Don’t Be Like That, Girl
Scotland has a long customary pattern of producing high quality indiepop and Paisley’s The Muldoons are no exception to that list.

Pin Ups – Spinning
Spinning is the first single to be lifted from the album. It’s like stepping back twenty years to their fifth album Lee Marvin and you cannot imagine the band ever being away!

Torrey – Lean In
Initial thoughts would suggest comparisons to the likes of Cults, The Aislers Set, Best Coast and amongst their peers Jeanines.

Daze – Aries//Pisces
Aries/Pisces from Houston’s Daze starts off with ethereal female vocals and dreamy guitars before some noise is introduced.

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