Something For The Weekend?

No theme for this weeks pack of three aside from making the time to listen to all of these releases over the course of this, or any other, weekend!

Wildhoney – Naive Castle

Since we last heard from them Wildhoney have moved physically as well as musically. Moving away from their shoegaze roots their music now, in their label’s words, errs on the sides of “chiming pop that recalls the finest from bands like The Sundays and The Cranberries”. Listening to Naive Castle I get those comments as the guitars glisten and the vocals swoon. Some might feel it’s a tad on the long side as it ends with a passage of music suited for the end of the film but I like how that works. Welcome back!

Available on 7″ from Slumberland Records or digitally from bandcamp.


Star Power – The Fragrant Year

Los Angeles based Star Power collate their two singles from earlier this year alongside four more tracks and produce an album of wonder. Staggeringly good songs populate The Fragrant Year and tracks like The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter and Deep In The Garden are two of the finest examples of guitar based alternative pop you are likely to hear this year. If I sound like I am gushing it’s because The Fragrant Year has given me every reason to do so. Heartfelt stuff.


Linda Guilala – Estado Natural

Linda Guilala are releasing a series of limited-edition singles with labels in England, Germany, and the United States and Estado Natural is the first of these singles being released on London based Sonic Cathedral. There are four tracks here with the title track being available in edited and extended forms. It’s swirls in abandon with the longer version being preferable. Second track, the slower but melodic Espacio De Tiempo is reworked on Luchando Contra which gives it an eeire, drifting in space feel. Once again, Linda Guilala do not leave this listener disappointed.


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