The Records I Like Mix May 2019

A bumper crop this month featuring healthy doses of indiepop, janglepop, shoegaze, dreampop and any other number of made up genres you could desire! I try to keep within a time and track limit but that has not proved possible this month so enjoy this extended mix!

Full tracklisting:

The Blue Dress – The Perfect Moment
The Perfect Moment sounds like a track given away on a flexi-disc via fanzines of yesteryear.

Dreams of Empire – Northern Lights
Is Northern Lights Dreams of Empire’s poppiest moment yet?

Film School – Go (But Not Too Far)
I really like the deadpan vocal style on this one but don’t let that put you off (if it does) as it’s pretty catchy and damn near strong.

Fanclub – Uppercut
One of two new tracks released by Fanclub last month.. Time for a Persil revival?

The Third Cut – Batteries
A track taken from the recent and excellent Six Angles In Search Of A Shape EP.

Charivari – Aphotic
It’s noisy shoegaze that has plenty of Krautrock and drone influences woven into the song.

The Umbrellas – Visions
Track taken from the recent Maritime EP out now on Discontinuous Innovation Inc.

Browned Butter – Toothpaste
The title track, and the best effort here, is reminiscent of Swervedriver thanks to the intensity of the guitars….

Swimming Pool – April
The second single from Seville’s Swimming Pool.

Dylan Mondegreen/Red Sleeping Beauty – Ikkje Gråt for Me, California
The single itself starts in a sedate, folkish mood before synth pop beats kick in drawing comparisons to The Pet Shop Boys. Norwegian singer/songwriter Dylan Mondegreen then supplies this take on the longing and yearning Ikkje Gråt for Me, California.

No Suits In Miami – Regnar
The music is vibrant whilst singer Michelle’s voice is like another instrument as it weaves in and out of the jangling guitars

Flowerbed – Daffodil
Surely a song released in April and named after a flower should be called Bluebell? Regardless of the flower this is a dreamy song with ethereal vocals and symphonic guitars.

Fresh – New Girl
The latest single lifted from the forthcoming album Withdraw.

The Wellington – Lost In Cairo
Lost In Cairo is an amazing track that deserves to be heard reminding me of East Village at their finest.

Dream Lake – Someday
Swedish band Dream Lake’s music certainly puts the dream back into dream pop. Someday……is laid back cloud gazing music that you can drift off too. This is due in no small part down to the lovely vocals of Isabella Svärdstam and if ethereal female vocals is your thing then you are certainly in luck here.

Lost Echoes – Journey
Shoegaze doesn’t mean mimicking the likes of Ride or My Bloody Valentine note for note. As Lost Echoes demonstrate, the addition of an idea here or an idea there, means that there is plenty room for expansion in a sometimes tired genre.

Star Power – Deep In The Garden
Staggeringly good songs populate The Fragrant Year and tracks like The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter and Deep In The Garden are two of the finest examples of guitar based alternative pop you are likely to hear this year.

The Sweetest Touch – Answer
The Sweetest Touch continue their trip down There And Back Again Lane haunted by the ghosts of Sarah Records past.

Terry vs. Tony – Heathers
Like the previous single Braille it reminds me of that now classic Swedish indiepop sound (think Acid House Kings et al.) as the female vocals and jangling guitars come together in perfect harmony.

No Fucks – Punkipop
Originally lifted from the band’s debut album back in February but now to be found on the forthcoming compilation Permanencia being jointly released by Stupid Decisions and discosdekirlian.

Chkbns – Balade Postopératoire
The third single to be taken from the current album Autwik.

Linda Guilala – Estado Natural
There are four tracks here with the title track being available in edited and extended forms. It’s swirls in abandon with the longer version being preferable.

According to What – Backseat Dodge
Four punk-pop songs about love and relationships doomed not to start or fail. EP closer Back Seat Dodge could (should) be a single in its own right.

asilomar – Shimmer and Faded
A short shimmering introduction from this new dreampop/shoegaze band from Pacific Grove, California.

Processions – Dalliance
Describing their music as “post-punk music you can dance to” Dalliance is a swirling mix of guitars and percussion that mixes coldwave and dreampop together resulting a song with steely determination.

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