The Sweetest Touch/The Wellington – Untitled

Untitled is a split recording between two connected Indonesian bands (shared members?) The Sweetest Touch and The Wellington and both contribute two tracks each.

The Sweetest Touch continue their trip down There And Back Again Lane haunted by the ghosts of Sarah Records past. A lazy comparison some might say but it’s still valid as both Answer and Bitter testify. Whilst it may well be a new sound to some I am hoping the 100% adoration with the said label will stop at some point and the band will develop their own sound. That said these are strong tracks especially on the graceful former which is a mix tape certainty. Contradiction is a wonderful thing and I suppose if it ain’t broke…..

Whilst the aforementioned influences are still obvious on The Wellington’s contribution they throw in garage, baroque pop and psychedelia into the mix. Lost In Cairo is an amazing track that deserves to be heard reminding me of East Village at their finest. The 1960s psychedelic influences are more obvious on Floating Haze and even at this early hour I find myself drifting off to undiscovered places. Wistful.

Untitled is out now in digital formats from Guerrilla Records

The Sweetest Touch
The Wellington

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