The Hermits – Ruby Red Summer

Ruby Red Summer was originally released back in 2017 on the band’s tour tape and is now going to be released as part of the band’s debut album. It’s a track that transcends boundaries and mixes indiepop, garage and krautrock which is a far better selection than the Pick N’ Mix at your local store. The self titled debut album is released next month on Austin Town Hall Records. Pre-order it from here. Faceboook Continue reading The Hermits – Ruby Red Summer

Spoon God – Dead Hipsters

French act Spoon God have been around for a few years now and this brand new EP seems to be their first release since 2014. They make music which transcends genres and on this EP you can hear everything from drone to Krautrock or alt-rock to post-punk. I must confess I found some of the tracks hard to get into at first but there are some here that grow worthy of your ears attention such as the coldwave inspired The Real Thrill (666 Queer Cult) and Seventeen which slow burns with pulsing guitars. However the title track stands out for … Continue reading Spoon God – Dead Hipsters

Newscaster – Rumours

Plenty of weird and wonderful sounds inhabit the two tracks that can be found on this experimental sounding release. There is art-pop, post-punk, dub, psychedelia and even a bit of drone/krautrock. The music invokes memories of the likes of Can, Talking Heads, Scritti Politti and XTC. If that is the effect Newscaster are after then they are spot on. Interesting to say the least. I like. Continue reading Newscaster – Rumours

Is Bliss – Into A Dream

I have always liked droning music and as I get older as find myself being drawn to it even more. Into A Dream by Is Bliss is a fine example mixing psychedelia with hypnotic and dreamy melodies that draws its inspiration from the likes as 80’s bands such as Loop and Spacemen Three, krautock and shoegaze. My only complaint is that it could have been a bit longer so we could hear that sitar for even more. Into A Dream taken from the The Honeycomb Explosion EP which is released via Club AC30 on the 19th May. It’s available as … Continue reading Is Bliss – Into A Dream

Something For The Weekend? Three From Sweden

This week’s pack of three centres on three releases from Swedish artists. Lamagaia – Aurora This is epic. 16 plus minutes of krautrock /space rock/drone or whatever you want to call it. It sounds like my favourite Loop records on repeat. Available on 12″ vinyl from Sunrise Ocean Bender. Or get it digitally. Homepage Agent Blå – (Don’t) Talk to Strangers Another slab of indiepop from Agent Blå. It didn’t grab me in the same way as the previous single Strand managed to. However, it’s still a fine track none the less. It just sounds a bit out of place. Maybe there … Continue reading Something For The Weekend? Three From Sweden

From Russia With Love

Three Russian bands for your enjoyment today including two who I have mentioned before. First up is Moscow’s Commis Voyageur whose new digital single Youth is about being young. Yeah I vaguely remember that. Anyway both tracks here, Moonlight and Submissive, are catchy synth led efforts with the former taking the glory as it is the most vigorous of the two. Available as a free download from Bandcamp. Facebook For The Empty is the new single from Herlights and like above this title does not appear on either of the two tracks that comprise it. Laidback dream pop at its … Continue reading From Russia With Love

The Electric Mainline / Soundwire (Split 7inch)

Not yet seven days into 2014 and the label behind this forthcoming release reckons you will not hear a better 7″ single this year. The Electric Mainline are all psych noise and shoegaze mixed together whilst Soundwire go one step further and add krautrock into the mix. It’s a great combination but best 7″ of the year? Whilst I am not sure about that it certainly sets a benchmark for the next 12 months. Pre-order it here. Electric Mainline Soundwire Northern Star Records Continue reading The Electric Mainline / Soundwire (Split 7inch)